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HERE it is January already and ½ of the first month of 2017 is almost gone. I am not sure about anyone else but 2016 seemed to fly by excessively fast.  Did you have a good year?

We were very busy in 2016 – the second half – way too fast!  The Christmas season continually causes stress and concern. Firstly,  the pressure to BUY and hook into the commercialization of “having” to get everyone something – is this realistic?  Ask yourself – why are you doing this? Is it a parent tape running about in your head or do you really want to?

How about spending time with people you have not seen for 360 days – because you just don’t like them or want to?  Have you ever really thought about how that is going to make that 1 day of being in the same space? My bet is not that great ….. is it worth putting yourself through it or is there an alternative?

With stress comes all the biological and emotional components. Anyone who has spoken with me  understands the “stress picture”  and what it does to our bodies and mind functioning. 

During holidays and time off…..we really need to

EAT well, not hook into all the garbage food about.

EXERCISE – because the excuse of NO TIME is not REAL!

REST and SELF CARE –  manage a schedule that always seems to go off the charts from Nov 15 – Dec 24th!!

LOOK AFTER YOURSELF – Because it isn’t anyone else’s job!!

There are SO MANY alternatives to a great seasonal break – why don’t you come in and talk with me about some of them BEFORE Dec 1 – so we can really consolidate some strategies……  I CAN HELP… Have a great 2017 ………. Victoria-Rose