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Anger is a normal emotion and most people feel angry, frustrated or even down right annoyed at times.  Managed or controlled anger can even be useful sometimes, as it can enhance creativity or energy towards a specific goal or objective. 

Most often, however, anger is connected to something that frustrates us thus frequently misdirected at someone else because of this frustration. It can be a different point of view, something going wrong, or not getting something we want, when and how we want it, and it can be subtle, brooding or overt. There are many opportunities presented to us daily, that we can get angry about (if we choose to). 

Some people seem to get more angry than others. This may be due to poor communication skills, intolerance to frustration, misunderstandings or an unrealistic expectation of entitlement or how others “should” behave.  

Uncontrolled anger causes many problems across a wide area of life. It seriously damages relationships, causes conflict within family and with friends and possibly colleagues at work. Often people who have anger issues, face remorse and guilt later, creating an never ending cycle of anger-remorse.  

Anger within relationships is a major cause of intimacy breakdown. It creates lack of safety for the other and the effect of “walking on egg shells” as one person attempts to avoid making the other angry. In truth the angry person must own their own anger – no one else is responsible for this.       If you are angry or with someone whose anger is impacting on your life…   Call for support….  Get into Anger Management Training, learn some new skills, develop strong communication skills…That’s the best thing you can do for yourself and everyone else…..