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Workshop(s) cost is $65.00 each. Register now, so you do not miss out as spaces are limited. Payment must be made 1 week prior to the workshop.   Clients with a current MHCP can use this in which to participate without further cost.

The Communication Workshops are a series of four. It is preferable that participants do the full series as they are sequential in style. However, if you wish to do 1 or 2, call us to discuss.

Communication 1

APRIL 1 2017     8:30 AM –  2PM

The six basics are a starting point for any good communication…. Have fun in learning or relearning these.

Communication 4

MAY 13 2017    8:30 AM – 2PM

Safety ensures communication lands well – we explore non-violent linguistics and the removal of emotive and take the “war out of words”.

Communication 2

APRIL 22 2017    8:30 AM – 2 PM

Assertion vs everything else! What is assertion? What is the cost of not being assertive and how else do we communicate?

Blended Families

JULY 1 2017    9AM – 2PM

Identify the challenges of blending families after divorce, death or separation and work towards learning how to find creative solutions.

Victim No Longer

NOV 4 2017    9AM – 2PM

Examine how our thinking and attitude enhances our perception of choice or no choice.

Communication 3

APRIL 29 2017    8:30 AM – 2PM

Which EGO are you communicating from? Explore Eric Berne’s work, in a fun filled exploration of communications styles and the matrix of ego’s!


OCTOBER 7    2017 9AM – 2PM

Life Balance, Attitude, depression, anxiety, nutrition, exercise – Is there a connection? Debunk some myths and sort through some conflicting information to find your own place of wellbeing.

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